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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Work in Progress Wednesday

Well it's another Work in Progress Wednesday, and instead of actually making progress on something I was already working on, I started a new project.  Luckily, this new project is a gift and it is going pretty quickly.  Which is good, because I think I want another one for myself.  The project is a convertible neck warmer -turned - hat from the book Knitted Gifts:
The yarn is Lion Brand Amazing, and I really like it!

The yarn is 53% wool and 47% acrylic, and it is pretty soft.  It has a slight halo so the stitch definition is not completely clear.  But it seems both drapey and warm.  Plus, it's fun to see the colors change.

This is my second project from the book.  The first was a pair of hobby horses that I knit last Christmas.  There are a few nice projects in the book, but they largely not quick knits which makes them not my ideal gifts.  The neckwarmer, though, works up quickly, so it gets an A in my book.
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  1. I have this book, too and have earmarked this pattern. I like the colors that you chose for it.

  2. I love the way that your Amazing yarn is changing color! What colorway is that!? I have 3 or 4 skeins of Amazing but have yet to actually try it. Now I kind of want to get it out and start something with it!

  3. Love the colours of that yarn, so pretty and cosy!

    I always want to re-make knits that I gift for myself too :)

  4. Sorry for the late replies.

    Autumngeisha - isn't it a fun book? A lot of the patterns are a little too intricate for my typcal gift knitting, but still nice enough to knit.

    Tami - The color is Wildflower. I hope to see what you try with yours!

    elephantJuice - it's done (pics to come Friday!) and it definitely turned out snuggly. With all the yarn I have in my stash, I think I want to get some more Amazing in another colorway to make another. Crazy, huh?