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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Who doesn't love a hobby horse?

There are some logistical problems with posting any gifts intended for this year, so here is one of my favorites to make from last year - knitted hobby horses.  The pattern is from Knitted Gifts by Ann Budd.  But I knitted two at one time using one circular needle, following the method in Two at a Time Socks by Melissa Morgan Oakes.  For some reason, two socks at once hardly take much longer than one single sock.

The pattern was easy to follow.  It is basically just a large sock, with some nice textures added in.  Seriously, the next time someone I know breaks a foot, they will be getting some of these socks to cover the cast.

The bridle is a knit icord, which would have taken longer to knit than the socks themselves.  But the lighter weight Patons wool went through a Bond Embellishnet without too much problem, and I was able to knit up the many yards of icord in about 25 minutes per horse. 

Some knitters found that the horse head tends to pull off of the dowl.  I added a second ball knob to the top of the dowel, so the head stays anchored in place.  For a quick and easy finish, a little watered down brown acrylic paint gave the stick an almost stained look without the smell or hassle.

The horses are slightly felted, making them more durable.  Plus, they're super cute.   A year later and the kids are still playing with them!

I really like the patterns in Knitted Gifts.  There is a nice variety, from the standard scarves and hats to felted oven mitts and pretty embroidered slippers.  My only complaint is that the only quick knits are small items like headbands and coffee cozies.  This book is a keeper.

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  1. I found a mesh-tube package of three large hollow plastic baseballs-left them in the mesh and a perfect fit inside the head - appears I felted my head longer so may be a little smaller than yours. I added a thin layer of stuffing around and between the balls. Then,instead of a brown stick or dowel rod I used a swim noodle - pushed it up in the neck, snug against the last plastic ball. Finished with a zip-strip woven in with the tie around the base of the neck. No broken ankles or other items!