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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday - Amazing Mitts

After finishing the Knitted Gifts convertible neckwarmer, I had 2 1/2 skeins of Amazing left over and cast on some mitts to go with it.  The pattern is Semplice, a freebie on Knitpicks.  In theory, it's a simple pattern, but it's a bit hard to follow.  The pattern is unclear on where to place the stitch markers to place the thumb increases.  I improvised by starting the thumb increases at the beginning of the rounds, but in retrospect the pattern probably intended the thumb increases to begin at the end of one round and continue into the start of the next.
Other than the thumb issue, the pattern is pretty clear and simple.  It is a twisted rib cuff, straight stockinette, a thumb, and then some more stockinette and twisted rib.  One nice thing about the pattern is that the two mitts are identical, so there is no shaping to reverse.  That makes it easier when you're a two-at-a-time-on-one-needle junkie like me.  Socks, sleeves, mittens, you name it, two at a time is the way to go.

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  1. Fabulous colors. They look nice and warm, above my comfort level; but something I keep working towards.

  2. Beautiful! You really make me want to use my few skeins of Amazing.

  3. I love the colors...hopefully it will warm up and you won't be able to wear them much (I'm rooting for Spring)


  4. With beautiful color changes like you have, sometimes a simple pattern is just right. The mitts look great!

  5. Pretty! And I bow to your mad two-at-a-time skillz. I keep thinking that might make my head explode. Probably not, but why risk it? :)

  6. Thanks, ladies! I really like how the mitts are turning out. They're going to a cousin who works in a nursing home, so I think they'll be just right to keep the chill off.

    Paula - two at a time from a single ball of yarn has been know to explode a head or two, or at least end in some cursing. But if you ever want to try it (with one or two balls), toe-up socks are surpsingly less fiddly than toe-downs socks for some reason, so that might be someplace to start the addiction :>)