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Friday, March 25, 2011

Taming the Startitis - finished two projects!

It's another Finished Object Friday and I actually have two of them to share.  They were actually finished last week but life was too hectic to get them photographed and uploaded.  So without further delay...

The Vine Yoke Cardigan is finished - more or less blocked and complete with buttons:
The blocking was only "more or less" because I was not very aggressive with it, just sort of pulling the bottom into shape, and it ended up drying unevenly.  So looking from the front, the left side hangs a little lower than the right.  Buttons were an issue - I was anxious to get something on them and ended up going to JoAnn.   Have you ever tried finding 10 matching buttons at JoAnn?  Especially 10 large (1 1/8") buttons?  Choices were limited; I could only find 4 or 6 of any button I loved, and ended up with buttons I liked instead.
They are cute, and made from coconut shells.  They have grown on me and I think they may stay on the sweater, instead of being a temporary solution until I find the gray buttons I first envisioned.
This was definitely a fun knit, and was suprisingly quick.  If I had worked more diligently, it would have taken under three weeks to finish. 

And the other finished object is a gift for a family member - she really wanted the convertible neckwarmer from the Knitted Gifts book, and here it is:

The Lion Brand Amazing produced a nice, soft, warm fabric. 

The idea of the convertile neckwarmer is that it can be worn around the neck like a cowl, or the i-cord on top can be cinched up to make it more of a hat.  The warmer is really just a stockinette tube with ribbing at one end and an eyelet row at the other.  I was a little concerned about the sizing, since it seems like anything large enough to be a neck warmer would be too large to work as a hat.  But somehow this seemed just about right.  With longer hair like the recipient has, the ribbing on the bottom will just stay in place and look a little slouchy.
P.S. Say hi to one of the earliest homemade gifts I ever received - he's a handsome model, isn't he?
P.P.S. Check out some more fabulous finished objects over at Tami's Amis.


  1. Nice to see how Amazing knitted up! It looks great.

    Your cardigan is beautiful. I love the color and the buttons you chose. Great job! It looks perfect on!

  2. I like the buttons too, and the sweater looks good on you! I recently picked up a skein of Amazing to try so I am happy to see a possible project.

  3. Both Fos look great, the pattern on the buttons is lovely

  4. I love the convertible hat-- that one is in my queue! Your sweater is lovely, too.

  5. Thanks Tami, Affiknitty, Halfpint, and Aimee. Affiknitty - I can't wait to see how your Amazing works out for you.
    Aimee - have fun with the convertible hat pattern. I found it simple but satisfying :>)