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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So where's the plastic canvas?

Popsicle sticks, macaroni, plastic canvas, crunchy scratchy orange Phentex yarn. Yep. That's what people assume when they hear I'm making gifts for my family for Christmas. But we gave it a try last year and it was pretty fantastic. Here's a sampling of some of the fun things we made last year - leaded glass terrarium, hand painted bar rug, hand knit hobby horses, and stained glass recipe boxes, filled with family recipes. And there's so much more to come this year!

What I learned last year was to start earlier and not choose so many knitted projects - they are fun to make but take way too long to complete for everyone on the list. In my quest for fresh ideas for unique handmade gifts, I've come across a lot of great ideas and look forward to sharing some of them here. Stay tuned!

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